Car blueprint/spec plaque (featuring corvette z06)

For my dad’s birthday, I made a quick “plaque” featuring his weekend car, a Corvette Z06. I pulled specs, “blueprint images,” corvette logo, etc from the web & pulled it all together into Inkscape.

This was an interesting project because of all of the different “file types” that were mixed into the project.

  • The corvette blueprints were .PNGs – I used the default “engrave by color” for that.
  • The corvette logo was a vector file, where I was able to fine tune different engraves & scores
  • The specs/text was converted to paths & scored.

Overall, very happy with how it turned out! We decided to keep the masking on the corvette image. My dad loved it!

Happy birthday, pops!


Lovely gift! :slightly_smiling_face:


How clever! Excellent work. So inspiring in so many ways.


I’m sure he loved it! It looks fabulous!

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What a great idea. I learn soooo much from this forum. Never thought of doing a search on something like this. Thank you. :smiley:


That’s one lucky dad. I love the look of the blueprints - such a cool gift!

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GREAT design! GREAT gift!
Not to mention your Dad has GREAT taste in cars.

My Dad’s 67th birthday was Monday, as a matter of fact. We’re still thinking about what to design for him!