Carbon fiber fabric weave patterns


Just goofing around today and make these depth maps for 3D engraving. One is a 2x2 twill (herringbone) weave and the other is a satin weave pattern.

These should tile pretty well.

I made these in Inkscape by the way. If anyone wants the SVG files I can add them, but these were vectors that were converted into bitmaps within Inkscape then cropped to make the tile.


Those are very nice. Thanks for sharing them! :relaxed:





I’m going to try adjusting these a bit. I just loaded them into ZBrush to make into 3D models and the gradients came in a bit linear instead of having a slight curve like intended…


OK I have updated the files and attached them to the original post in this topic. These gradients will produce a smoother curve profile, or at least should, depending how your particular software reads images for depth maps.


Super cool!