Card Key Holder

First pass at making a card key holder. Going to do again later but in a hardwood so it looks better but came out OK for first one. Some things I learned is first test your cuts with cardboard to make sure everything fits and is the right size if you can and next do all your layout in the app you created the source in. Eyeballing placement in the GF ui does not hack it.


I think it looks pretty good in the draftboard. (That colors really well with colored pencils too.)

Nice. That’s on my list of things to make too.

Now that is pretty cool! So you engraved a pocket for the card in the back piece? On your next iteration you could try cutting that pocket edge piece out of veneer and applying it to the back piece. It would go way faster.

Concept is similar to the Polaroid frame in the catalog. @cynd11 refers to using veneer for the pocket edge. This is in the notes section of Polaroid frame once you’ve brought it into the GFUI.

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Did not think about using a veneer spacer layer. Good idea, though I also have a mag strip card also which is pretty thick which would mean a couple of veneer spacers making it thicker overall but way faster to cut.