Card stock cut



I’ve been working on narrowing down setting for cutting cardstock since invitations are my prime reason for purchasing my :glowforge: .
Here is one that I did (purchased design).
Setting : P - 5. S - 150. 17 minutes. May tweek the speed some. Kinda like a little bit of the char. It seems to add a little depth. This is laying over a piece of construction paper. Card stock weight is 110#.
Also, you’ll notice a couple of places where pieces are still attatched. This is due to another piece being blown in the way of the beam.


Wow! That is gorgeous! :grinning:


Very nice! I wonder if this would be a good use case for the Seklema mat.


Nice design! Paper / card stock will be a lot of fun!


Definitely! I need to get me one of those!




Nice test! Thanks for the setting, definitely bookmarked.


ORDERED!!! :rofl:


Can you cut on the Seklema mat, or just engrave? If you cut, won’t it damage the mat? Or are they somehow laser-proof?


Be sure to read my review of the Seklema mat. You can indeed cut on it, but it is best for the longevity of the mat to dial in your settings so the material is just barely cut through.


Thanks. It looks like I’ll probably be ordering one of those mats! :grin:


I’ve used my Seklema mat (thanks again for the recommendation, @cynd11) also for holding anodized aluminum pieces in my Glowforge…and it’s amazing. I’ll be using it to laser on some A.alum. bracelet blanks very soon. I think anything lightweight will do very well on that mat.


I’ve successfully cut paper on a Seklema mat. I practiced, first, by taping paper to the bed (to figure out settings) before trying a cut on the mat.