Card Stock Earring Cards

Does anyone have a file for this they would like to share ?


This section of the forum is for sharing files, not asking for files. I have moved this to the Everything Else category.


I’d help you design something if you tell us what you specifically need, even if you just post a drawing of it with dimensions.

What is your level of skill in design software? This would seem like a perfect starter project.


Don’t you just need a card with a couple of holes in it?

Depending on the size and what you want engraved on it, I would think that should be pretty easy if you can give us more to go on?

Several of us here would be more than glad to help you with this!


stankiewiczmike07 - See if this earring card file helps. I cut these on 50 point chipboard for our vintage shop in Sisters, Oregon. This file is a very simple design and works well in our shop. I also included a photo of the earring card in use this February during Valentine’s Day.

For some inspiration here are some ideas that I do to make the cards a little more special:

  1. Use 3m 777 Spray Adhesive to attach a paper baking before cutting on your GF. I get paper from Hobby Lobby or use pages from vintage magazines or maps.

  2. Making both sides helps eliminate flash marks. I usually make a bunch at one time using up a full sheet of chipboard so I use 12 inch wide masking on both sides.

  3. Center your logo or message on the front of the card.

  4. Finish the cards with a light spray of Deft Satin clear lacquer.

Hope this helps!

PS - The heart was handmade from barbed wire salvaged from our ranch :cowboy_hat_face:

Mountain View Ranch Vintage

Earring Card - BLANK.pdf|attachment (12.2 KB)

I included some Amazon links to give you an idea of the products that I used. I don’t get everything from Amazon but thought this would be the best way to illustrate. Most items can be locally sourced at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Craft Gallery, Home Depot or Lowes. I do get the masking online from Amazon.

50 Point Chipboard

Making Tape

3M 777 Spray Adhesive

Deft Clear Satin Lacquer


Here’s the one I use. It fits on a regular sheet of cardstock.

blank earring card


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