Cardboard Bi-Plane by Heath

Created in Tinkercad, 8th grader Heath is also sharing the file on Thingiverse.

This video shows you how to assemble it pretty quickly.


He created that with TinkerCad?!? That is incredibly impressive!


Yeah. I gave him this tutorial to make a skateboard… he used the skills to make a bi plane. Super fun kid to work with. He was designing a hummer yesterday I believe.

Tinkercad is really amazing once you get into it. He also took this jet and pushed it to levels as cool as Larry Yaw did here.


This is great!

I haven’t played with Tinkercad since the skateboard and helicopter posts. Hope to get back to projects some day soon.

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I jumped in his project and I am trying to adjust it to add a rubber band propeller. =) No idea if it will fly… but I have to try. Discovery is a great carrot. =)


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