Cardboard Cube Challenge - A TinkerCAD Skill Builder

TinkerCAD is a free design tool that works via the web. Great for Chromebooks and beginners. This lesson helps you design the sides of a cube. The challenge is to master the skills, then come up with a solution for the bottom and top of the cube or box. My students are working through it now, so I will have more tips and videos on the way.

If you have never used TinkerCAD before, here is a link to it.


This is great. I came in here looking for ideas on how to make a slotted cube and your video gets me 4/6 of the way there. Those last two faces though… man, I’m not 100% sure what I’ll try, but I have an idea. Thankfully I don’t need mine to open and close. It just needs to be a cube.

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I agree on the opening and closing… hinges would be slick… Kids have had a couple of different solutions for the bottoms. The easiest by far is hot glue and a part that fits. =)

Here’s what I came up with.


EPIC!!! Going to be sweet to share it with my kiddos in the morning!

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