Cardboard Desk Organizer in Sketchup Free (online)

This is using my.sketchup which is free and runs in a browser. I have started making more lessons with it for my middle school kiddos. At first they fought it because it was so different from Tinkercad, but now they are seeing that it is handy in it’s own way. The final step does use Tinkercad… go figure =)


If you have never used Sketchup before, you may want to try the cup, table or chair. I have whipped them up as my “absolute beginner” lessons.

Chair, Table


Cool! I’ll check Sketchup out!


I was hoping/expecting you to draw the desk organizer in 3D, then turn it into the pieces that you’d need to cut from the laser.

I haven’t played with any 3D design software yet, but I keep wanting to, to try that kind of workflow, but I’m not sure how easy it’d be.

This video is kind of doing what I was hoping yours would :smiley:

But without much description.

I really like your production value and explanations in your videos.
Have you every explained one more like that one above?

That’s why I use 3D software; I can’t really think in 2D and need to see how the pieces go together first, then convert it to cuts.

I did this one a while back, I should probably do some more (and work on being less tedious).

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Good point. I will see what I can whip up. Here is the cutting and assembly video I created for my classroom.

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I watched that clip a bit. The technique is neat, but I have not tried it with middle schoolers. What I have learned so far is that Sketchup takes a bit of time for the kids to get used to it. My newer videos hammer the 2 handed nature of designing with shortcuts in Sketchup. In the classroom, the confidence is building after completing a few of the lessons. My goal with the organizer is to force the tabs, holes, measure and such so users may be talented enough to design their own items at a later date. I still may get back to the technique you showed above. Not sure how quickly though… Thanks again for sharing. :+1:

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Added a tutorial for how to manipulate your design to test the fit before you cut it.


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