Cardboard Etching

Was it moved? nm I searched for banjo :grin: I am the bagpiper :grin:

ya… and just having to have a map makes this ‘rule’ totally and utterly ridiculous

I had a post moved because I used non-PG material with some default PG settings… How does that fit into 1-5? :slight_smile:


If you mentioned the settings it doesn’t fit - there are no default settings for non-PG materials so you can’t specify using the defaults as the defaults are for some other material.


So… a #6: Don’t mention built-in, non-modified, default GF settings unless they’re used only with the material that happens to be in their name (and presumably you call out “PG Black Acrylic” and not just “Black Acrylic”). Don’t even mention they exist!



No. It’s #4.

Don’t mention settings for non-PG materials.

It’s frustrating but I expect Made on a Glowforge will end up as a picture gallery. Beyond the Manual will have the guts of what’s useful for anyone interested more than just a Pinterest experience.


Can I just say that settings mean nothing to me. After 8 months of continuous experimenting with so many materials and so many projects, plus several major upgrades, and the fact that MakForge can’t make use of the latest power profile, I find that the whole asking about settings and putting settings down just is a big waste of time for me. Sorry. It doesn’t take that much to figure them out. And if you are really trying to do a good job, you are going to test it anyway. There are enough default Proofgrade settings that you can have a jumping off place. Way too much energy on this mostly useless issue. No matter what setting someone gives you, if you don’t test it out, you are going to regret it and waste material.

And get off my lawn!:frowning_face:

Until we get a better place, there is nothing wrong with that. There are many issues to discuss on Made on a Glowforge that have nothing to do with settings.


it would sure be a lot easier to figure things out if that was the rule. MOAGF is purely show, no tell. and if you want to explain, then it’s beyond the manual. no ambiguity there. MOAGF is a gallery, BTM is “how to.”


yeah, i think this is reasonable, as well.


So MOAGF turns into the old ‘Project Inspiration’, and BTM turns into the old ‘Made on a Glowforge’.

Got it.


nope. i see the sarcasm there, but it’s not the same thing.

MOAGF would turn into gallery of what was actually MOAGF. Project Inspiration was things that inspire you to make projects on a GF. Not the same thing.

BTM would be a “how to” guide for specific projects.

my thought, fwiw, would be removing settings from MOAGF removes any issues with “is this w/in the rules or is it not w/in the rules?”


This is almost exactly correct. I would say:
“You can discuss non-default settings in Beyond the Manual, and not anywhere else.”



One word: lawyers.

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I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I can identify with why this seems to bother people. I’m also not sure why “Beyond the Manual” is considered a bad topic to be placed in by some. If you are not sure, post it in “Beyond the Manual.” If you post it in the “wrong” category, a helpful forum member moves it for you and maybe (hopefully with tact in mind) lets you know what they did. I don’t think Glowforge is freaking out about anything either. Just trying to be clear with their expectations.


That is a great etching.
Cardboard is a surprisingly cool medium, and your map is lovely.
Thank you for sharing.

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Last night I used the OP’s settings for a test, although at 225 lpi (the app is still very wonky on iPad.) Just used some cardboard that the cat food came in. Way cool! Thanks for the advice!


I love diagrams engraved like this. I can’t wait to do some!