Cardboard Lego Kickstarter


Thought some of you may be inspired by this.


Would be cool if I had the space, and an army of servants to fold all those pieces into boxes…


You recruit the pet humans to do that…


What a great idea–I’m inspired not only by the idea, but the low impact quality of it.


Flat-pack, emergency shelter/housing, just needs a waterproof semi-rigid coating once assembled.


That is really cool! I’m amazed at how tough that thin cardboard can be in that geometry.


That’s one of the most entertaining campaign videos I’ve seen in a while. Fun idea! I’m with @hansena, pretty crazy that one block can withstand 50 kilos! But that kind of durability is an excellent quality for a kid’s toy… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My cat would revel in this and then destroy it.



Definitely one of the best kickstarter campaign videos I’ve ever seen! The assembly videos with the Lego people are genius and so adorable haha. Really hope the get funded.


It think the tree in the background needs an owl.

You should support this, build fun stuff, and let your cat go wild! :smile_cat:
(Oh, and record it. It would have to be recorded and shared here. :slight_smile:)


Those are amazing!

Oh, and to waterproof, just spray with Rustoleum Hydrophobic stuff.

I may have to go and buy a ton of uniform thickness cardboard… not a lot in my accumulation is quite that thickness/sturdyness.


Those are really cool! Now all I have to do is find some children. :wink:



Needs a clown in the seat…


This was on the freeway in North Carolina, Circa 2002.
The van said something about clowns, and when we pulled up along side, this fella waited until he was sure we were all looking at him, and then suddenly turned towards us with that open-mouthed smile and whipped his sign out. It says “Hi”.


(everyone locks their door…)


Hours ago, hours




ROFL a lil late to the party @nunzioc. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, going through all unreads, trying to get my stats back…