Cardboard, multiple sheets

Has anyone done more than one sheet of cardboard at a time? I have a project for several hundred large pieces of card and it would help is I could do 2-4 sheets at a time. If so what were your settings for how many sheets. Curt using 350 @ 100 percent power Thanx. Craig

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Others may disagree, but I would strongly advise against doing more than one sheet at a time. Cardboard is so flammable anyway, but a stack can cause air pockets underneath that can make the hazards even more so.


Moving to Beyond the Manual due to the non-PG settings. :slight_smile:


Cardboard makes me nervous. I love it, and I still use it, but that’s definitely one I never leave the room while burnin’. I’m with @Xabbess… no thanks to multiple layers. Far too much air.


The little flaming pieces of cardboard like to get inside the corrugations as is, adding layers is asking for a lot of burned spots or a conflagration.


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