Cardboard recycle

Am I able to use cardboard from packages I recieved with my glowforge to recycle and re use or is it a specific type ? Thanks

Yes - but

Be careful as cardboard has that layer of air in between the two layers so it can catch fire pretty easily. If you look in the Beyond the Manual section there are a few settings for cardboard. Pick one, and run some tests.

If your packages are mostly from Amazon, you can search specifically for that setting because they always use the same kind of box :slight_smile:


Don’t recycle your glowforge box, keep it for later shipping. It’s very expensive to replace.


Oh I knew that it’s in storage in my attic . Thank you !!


You can use cardboard that you’d normally put out with the recyclables for packaging when you make people gifts! Sometimes the packaging alone is enough to get "Oooooo"s


Is that corrugated cardboard?

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Yup. Amazon boxes. Makes my recycle days easier…

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Thanks. Have you posted your settings in beyond the manual?

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