Cardboard Skull - First Attempt

I tried to make a cardboard human skull and the result is not what I envisioned. The bottom part of the jaw wasn’t attached. I think I need to find a better 3D model as a starting point.

Back to the drawing board.




Alas, poor Yorick!


Looks scarier without the jaw. :sunglasses:


What you made is an archaeological find, perfectly legitimate!


I’ve tried working off 3D models too - it’s not as easy as it seems.

Interestingly, when stepped like this I think the fine nuance of the shape becomes much more critical too.

Still good start - better than my first efforts

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I love what you have. Great start.

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Still looks good for a starting point. :slight_smile:

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Got to give you credit for the effort. I’m not a big fan of cardboard art, I think it will look great with proofgrade material and yes I know it would be a bit expensive but what the heck.

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Thank you. My ultimate goal is to build a more realistic cardboard skull that I will cover with clay and sculpt to refine the shape. Then I’m going to make a mold of the skull and casted it in a fireproof material. I want to make 10 to 15 skulls to put into my fire pit.

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If you are making a mold for casting, it might be easier to buy a cheap plastic skull and start with that for a base.

Don’t fall for the “If the only tool you have is a Hammer, everything looks like a Nail” state of mind.


I agree with you, but I have to try. :grimacing:

Be careful of the sizing of the skulls. I had the exact same idea and ordered a skull, but the anatomical skull was smaller than expected.

Having the ability to increase or decrease the size of the skull is a good option, IMHO.

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