My catboats cup runneth over. Are any of you doing anything interesting with your extra stock now that shipping dates have changed?


Thats awesome! I will be using a lot of packaging cardboard for my laser but also sheets of cardboard


I have a lot of those shoved in there too. We buy our fair share of art prints, and they generally come shipped in 4 or so nice large slabs of cardboard. i keep some of those behind the arcade machine so they dont get as messed up as the stuff in that stack


Woah, woah, woah. Hold on. You have an arcade machine? Lucky man! Haha


Yes, I have started letting more slip through my fingers into recycle so I’ll have a place to sit down.

I have spent a lot of time razoring it down bed sized pieces.


yeah my girlfriend found me a nearly dead street fighter II turbo machine for my birthday last year. I was pretty big into the SF scene growing up. I had to replace all the controls, screen, and sound parts to get it working, but its pretty sweet. After the con this year im hoping to rebuild a secondary slimline arcade machine with the guts from this one. I really feel like arcade machines should be a right of passage. I had so much fun working on mine…


I took a big haul to the recycling center this week myself. Im using some to build something for my cat, but I have so much more coming in than I have ability to reuse myself that Im looking for ideas


This is my small thin cardboard pile. I have a whole closet of thicker stuff at work.


I am a serious organization freak.

But I can find a box to fit anything in a flash.


Man, I remember the first tine I saw the guts of a pinball machine at about eight.
It looked impossibly complicated!


That is the neatest looking hoard I’ve ever seen!



Yep, that level of organization qualifies as freak.
As something totally foreign in my universe I must salute that.


My God…I really need to hire you! :relaxed:


This forum is supposed to be inspiring. And it truly is. Here is my cardboard after going through the @fan-of-glowforge sorting process.


Thats awesome. Its always been a dream of mine to fix one up.


Have you checked out for some of their cardboard, if you’re going to buy stock? You might have to crunch the numbers on some of their stuff, but they have some okay pricing for stuff that might save you time cutting larger stock down to size.


when you get your glowforge you have to make a 10 commandments style piece of cardboard with these etched into it lol


There are warehouses full of them all over the place. In some places they just give away old arcade games. Building one from scratch would be a worthwhile endeavor. Like one of the mini floating wall machines. I have that on slate for the near future.


We get a lot of packages from Amazon (it’s a problem, we are seeking help) and it gives us a great source for cardboard. The two large drawers on the media center I plan to put our Glowforge on I use as pre-cut cardboard storage. I spent a few hours one day cutting down the boxes to proper Glowforge size.

All of the overage I have cut up in a container in my wood shop.