Thank you! They are my mom’s favorite bird and her birthday is coming up! :blush:

Glad you shared.

As I designed it for a ‘pliable’ material, I wonder how easily it slotted together using hardwood?

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Thanks for the share @eflyguy. What software did you design it with?

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I was expecting to hear you used a 3D slicer or similar. I had to study your design to understand the assembly of the parts.
You must have a very good grasp of of dimensional spacing to generate this by hand. Congratulations @eflyguy.


If it hits an edge it stop dead, but as long as you’ve got it lined up correctly it slots beautifully. That wood that thin has a touch of flex probably helps. If I cut another one (I probably will) I’ll likely either soak it in CA glue for more strength and/or pay more attention to the layout on the grain. The ankles are definitely a weak spot if it’s cross grain there!

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