Cardstock 220gsm

Hello, I’ve got some lovely cardstock which I’d like some help with settings.
It’s 220gsm
Some sheets are plain, some are glitter and some are metallic.
I’d be grateful if someone could help me with the settings for cutting please?
The only topics I can find are American who refer to lbs rather than GSM.
Thank you :blush:

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Hey welcome to the forum, we love new people!

Cardstocks are really variable, there’s no simple answer here. You’ll need to test. Luckily, there’s a really good test method, check out #6:

You can get the exact answer for your cardstock in just a few minutes. :slight_smile:

I tend to cut cardstock at 80 power and the speed tends to be in the mid 300s, I find that limiting the power like this limits flashback. You can use this test method to dial it in exactly for your specific paper—set your power to 85 and float the speed.

As for gsm to pounds there are online converters. 220 gsm is about 150lbs:


Thank you so much for the information! And for the link too, it’s really helpful.
I’ll have a play around and hopefully I’ll get the outcome I want.
Have a great day :blush:


Yes to everything @evansd2 said - testing is the only way to be sure!

This is engraving on 230gsm:


Wawwww that’s beautiful! Thank you :blush:

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