Cardstock with white core

Just got my GF and I’m making my cheat cheats. Did some research on the community page and tweaked a bit for results I wanted. The cut power 55 leaves no burnt edges, but you have to pop out the paper a bit. On this particular cardstock I could probably take the engrave power up to a 9 and get even better results. @LasorSailor on IG

Here is an additional picture of what I’ve been doing with those setting …


Those are fantastic results, thanks for sharing! Settings info on non-Proofgrade material needs to go in Beyond the Manual; I’ll move it there for you.

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How thick is that paper?

I honestly do not know. I got it from hobby lobby, its by “the paper studio” it has what seems to be a sku number, 455170. the pack of per does not say how thick or the lb


I think this cardstock is 65 lb

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Kinda confused by the weights but i think that converts to around 0.01" thick if im reading the chart correctly.

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Yeah, I think .009-.010 is pretty close

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The flowers came out really nice.

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