Cast acrylic alternative(s)

Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative(s) to cast acrylic? 1/8" (3mm) cast acrylic comes in many different colors, but I want to use 1/16" (1.5mm) instead. I’ve looked all over the web and only find clear, black and white cast acrylic that is 1/16" (1.5mm) thick. Maybe there’s another material that comes in this thickness, cuts well in the Glowforge and comes in many colors??? Thanks for any recommendations?

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Many of the Rowmark 2-tone acrylics come in 1/16 inch thickness and there are a lot of colors. They might be an option. Make sure you verify it’s laser safe (they sell a few that are only for rotary cutters).


I had been thinking of solid color materials, but some of the Rowmark laminated products like LaserMark, LaserMax and Mattes might work fine. I will try them. Thanks!

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