Casting Out Demons: A Joint Project


My wife did the cross stitching. Glowforge did the frame. Two layers of PG walnut ply. The horns are PG maple ply.


Ooh! Nice! (I tried cross-stitching once…took more patience than I have.) Cute frame! :grinning:


That is so cute and clever!


Always loved cross-stitching, none in my family.

Have to admit, I read Not Satan, Today the first time.


combining talents is always fun.


Ha! Love it!


Me too :sunglasses: Great frame and stitch work!


Oh, very cute! I really like your outside-the-box thinking.


Love it ! (Maybe tomorrow?)


Love the combination!

My Mom taught us all the crafts she could. I detested cross stitch. Did a 4" band on gingham … Was supposed to make a skirt with it. Although I finished the band … Never made the skirt.


I can’t say I understand the appeal of the cross stitch process, either. My wife’s patience is off the charts.


Thank you!