Castle on tile

I left it on convert to dots.

I actually just looked back and the power was quite low. I’ll post over in beyond the manual if anyone is interested.


I have resisted the temptation to squeeze you for the settings. :grimacing:

How do you do the 3D image I can’t Figure it out

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Do you just engrave with a certain PG setting for a certain material? Or have you tweaked your settings to dial it in to where you like? The Popeye one seems to have sharper detail and contrast. A function of the lines per inch setting? original image resolution? or something else? (Thanks! What an interesting process to learn about.)

Could it be the resolution of the photo? Where did you get it? I have read on here that it should be at least 300dpi to work well. Maybe show us the original photo?

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It isn’t 3d just an engrave of that pic which I found online.

The settings I used are in Beyond the Manual. I probably adjusted the contrast using but honestly I can’t remember. If you do a few you will get an eye for what works and what doesn’t.


Check in Beyond the Manual. I explain the procedure. I also included the original image there too.

Thank you. Found the thread. Gonna give it a try. Do you think it will only work with glossy porcelain? Or would it work with a satin or natural finish?

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I haven’t tried that so I don’t know. My guess is it will work.

This looks amazing. Thank you for sharing. I am definitely going to try this out this weekend.


This is, in my book, officially amazing. This is the best I’ve gotten this image to look on a tile using any method so far! Fantastic!

Sadly, my phone camera isn’t really doing it justice.

I did one on a glass tile. It turned out very nice as well. Unfortunately, the dark blue makes the black hard to see…

A little tip: If you have different colored tiles that you spray paint all white, mark on the back which tiles are which colors. :wink:

So happy with the results, I have a 5"x9" image running right now.


Wow, those are super nice!

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Jaw dropping.

What settings did you use? That is fantastic!

@beerfaced has a post in Beyond the Manual that covers what he did. I used the same settings. It’s worth reading through the whole thread.

So… the type of tile definitely matters, or at least the finish. I tried a tile which had both a rougher surface and a rougher coating. The picture looks good until you touch it. The black smears right off. I’d describe the surface of the tile as something around semi-gloss, before the spray paint. So far, I’m only having luck with tiles that are glossy smooth to start. Fortunately, those tend to be the cheaper tiles. :wink:


This is AMAZING!

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Search the forum. Some people have used layers of colors and the result were amazing.

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