MDF 4 mm with acryl paint metallic



Great job! :grinning:

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Love it!!

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Amazing! My cats would love it.


I love this. I wish I had access to a GF (or similar) when my kids were a bit younger. One has really outgrown this sort of thing and the other is a hair away.


This would be great fro my grand-kids. They are really into to Legos. Any chance i could get a copy of the files.

Since I have gotten a few really nasty messages from some for asking for a copy. Just to let everyone know I don’t expect to get anything for free. I am more than will to pay a fair price and I will not sell the designs or final product.

So since I evidently ruffled a few feathers I’m sorry that was not my intention.

No worries, all feathers are intact. :smile:

We go under the assumption that the folks who display here are likely designing these things for a living, and because of that, we don’t ask them to give it away if they don’t offer the files up front.
(It’s part of the forum guidelines, but we realize not everyone has read them. I imagine someone was just trying to let you know about them. I’m sure they didn’t intend the private messages to be nasty.)

It’s perfectly okay to ask someone if they would be willing to sell you a copy, or to ask if they have an Etsy site up somewhere. I’ve bought several really cool designs that way myself.

(Be sure to check out the Free Files section too.) :slightly_smiling_face: