Cat engraved in Corian

My grand daughter drew a picture inspired by her cat, Ember. Engraved in wood but decided it was time to play with corian. settings 50% power, speed 200 lpi 270


Oh wow, sheā€™s a great artist! :grinning:


Awwwwww, adorable (and realistic!) drawing. Nice job making it permanent!

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Please be CAREFUL. Corian was largely removed from the consumer market about ten years ago because its dust was found to be extremely toxic. Use a high-grade mask, or better yet, just find a different material.


That must be a different corian. Dupont Corian is very popular today for countertops, etc. I turn it on my lathe for pens all the time.

CorianĀ® acrylic solid surface is a solid, nonporous, homogeneous surfacing material, composed of
ā‰ˆ1/3 acrylic resin (also known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA), and ā‰ˆ2/3 natural minerals. These minerals are
composed of aluminum trihydrate (ATH) derived from bauxite. CorianĀ® is an advanced composite product used as an
architectural and design material in a variety of applications. CorianĀ® solid surface offers design versatility, functionality and
durability. Supplied in sheets and shapes, CorianĀ® solid surface can be fabricated with conventional woodworking tools into
virtually any design. In its finished form CorianĀ® acrylic solid surface material is an article, is nontoxic and non-allergic to
humans. CorianĀ® solid surface is NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certified for Food Zone applications, NGBS GREEN CERTIFIEDā„¢,
and is GREENGUARD GOLD and GREENGUARD certified.


where do you find the corian in sizes that works for pen turning