Cat litter tray

OK, it’s not glamorous and not even all that interesting and maybe a little weird even, but it works! Wanted a top-entry litter box but needed one with a sifting tray so it would work with my pine pellet litter. Glowforge+acrylic = Voilà! Happy cat, happy life!


LMAO Genius !!!


actually i think your onto something


Right! I paid for a small shifting tray and couldn’t find a large one to suit my needs. The choices are so expensive and limited. It’s working great.


How do you lift it? I see cutouts on the side - did you build arms as well? I’m fascinated (and tired of walking on litter)!

Also, definitely a Practical cuts


Fantastic! A great solution and extremely practical. Well Done…

Nice job on that! And lucky you having cats willing to use pine litter. So tired of the clay…

I love cats! They taste just like chicken! … JK.

I got over cats a while back… shortly after them marking my shoes. :no_mouth:


Seems like the gauge of what would be contributed by the cats would allow a larger sieve, but I think that is a great design.

Great picture by the way.


The little black things on the end are handles. It’s still a bit of a work in progress as I figure out the best way to empty it. I split it in two and for now use tape as a hinge, but planned on adding real hinges eventually. I scoop the solids every day and when it’s time to empty everything, I just lift the tray out and dump. I was thinking I would be able to lift up one side of he tray and fold it over the other piece to keep the good pellets on top from falling out, but it’s not worth the effort to try and save them. A giant bag is like $6 from Tractor Supply so now I don’t bother trying to economize it. There are big feet on the bottom of the tray to keep it elevated. If I was to do it again, I’d try gluing little acrylic ledges to the side of the pan to keep it suspended as that’d probably be easier than feet. I’d also work on a taller handle maybe. But for a prototype, this works good enough that I haven’t wanted to cut the improved version I designed.

Right! I adore the pine litter and the odor has much improved. Cheap as heck too. It is kinda big though and I’m sure come cats wouldn’t like it.


Aww, but this is not a poop sieve, it’s a pine pellet sieve! The pellets turn into sawdust when the get wet and as the cat scratches it falls through the tray. The solids stay on top, but the cat isn’t walking in wet litter.



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They do not! More like teriyaki beef skewers :wink: