Cat Necklace Collaboration on Laser Thursday

We are starting them young here! My daughter, Iola, just over two, has been coming to Laser Thursday most weeks since I started. You will not believe how cute “it’s laser time!” sounds coming from a toddler when she hears the fans turn on for a print. She is also a very helpful button presser. Last night she collaborated with @madebynick and Jo (Nick’s wife) to make a little wood necklace with a cat. I’m told – I was off busy doing something else – that this was drawn on an ipad then the outer cut and loop hole added. Anyway, here’s a picture showing it off!



Awesome picture, @rachael !

One of the reasons I became an architect was because I loved the idea of drawing lines and seeing them come to life in the form of buildings. Glowforge has a similar effect on me… watching her draw on the iPad and then seeing her cat being etched and cut was really awesome!

She is a cool kid to hang out with on Thursday nights!


If you keep this up, Iola, I’ll be out of a job!


I assumed I was going to see a necklace for cats, but this is even cuter. :cat2:

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It still could be! A cat wearing a cat necklace… science hasn’t gone far enough if you ask me.


Iola is totally adorable! I wonder how ‘cute’ it will sound when 10,000 +/- grown-ass people shout out “it’s laser time” in the next year’s time? If not cute, at least enthusiastically.


She is an adorable button pusher!!
You need to record that voice! It will be solid gold for you one day… sooner than you think!
My baby girl is 24 now… still my baby girl.

Nothing like the child’s perspective to refresh your own!
Man, if only my Mom had worked with lasers…
Thanks for sharing, especially that beautiful girl!

Imagine Iola telling this story when she is all grown up. “Yes, I was there at the beginning. I saw the first baby steps of the Glowforge. It was a time of magic and potential.” REally neat stuff.

I think “It’s Laser Time” might be my new favorite Glowforge tagline.


Dude, I thought I was gonna see a necklace OF cats…freaked me out for a sec…