Catalog Bookmark - score or laser?

Those that have done the bookmark from the GF catalog… did you engrave or score? I have a sheet full to make and if I engrave it will take over 2 hours… yeah naw thats too long…

Wondering if you did score versus the engraving? Bonus for a photo…

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Why not just try it? Seems like a score job would take almost no time, and then you’d be able to not only answer your own question but also show us the results! :slight_smile:


Because I don’t want to waste my proofgrade …

So do it on some scrap? I’m sure you have some piece of material laying around. Even cardboard would be a reasonable test…? Also I am not talking about doing a full sheet test, just a single bookmark. That’s not too much material to use on a test?


Thanks for your suggestion…

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Oh you could also scale it to half size to save even more material (thought hat might not give you a clear idea of how the lines will look, because they’ll be closer together that way.

You can also put a small piece of scrap in (smaller than the bookmark design), and just see how it looks on that part, even a couple of square inches of junk material might be enough for you to get an idea?

Oh! Use the glowforge proofgrade printer paper setting and throw a piece of plain printer paper in? That’s practically free! :slight_smile:

Anyway I suggest these workarounds because your request is pretty specific, I’m not sure if you’ll find anyone who has made that design and scored it. Maybe you will, but if not a little creativity will help you get rolling sooner than later.


There are five different bookmarks in the catalog - so not knowing which one it’s hard to answer. I’d guess they’re all set to score. That being said, the joy of the catalog designs is that they open with the correct operation selected - so you know which is suggested. If you want to do something else, you definitely can!

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