Catalog Creepy Spider

The Creepy Spider that popped up in the catalog was a crazy easy, perfect first October decoration that I totes recommend!

I made it out of 1/8 birch ply from GS2 Awards, and it slid together perfectly. Some black spray paint and it was on my door adding that touch of je ne sais quoi to my Fall wreath!


That looks really creepy! I would freak out seeing that because I have such a fear of spiders! I’d much rather deal with snakes. :scream: But it definitely made a great decoration for your door!


I rather enjoy spiders from my time in Florida. I rarely had trouble with roaches if I had indoor spiders.

This is a great design, and you did it well!


That looks great!


Nice work … very creepy!!


Looks great!!


Looks really nice on the spooky wreath.


i tried to make this file smaller, i locked the ratio and it wouldnt fit together. is there a way to have it fit together and be smaller? i wanted to make mini ones and different sizes. i used 1/8 in MDF. it makes me worried to make it bigger lol


Geckos work better though big roaches are too big for the native geckos. I have not heard of other large geckos being an ecological issue.


This design can’t be made smaller. The way all the parts go together only works if you are using the size material (1/8" PG or similar) that the designer used.

That center part where all the elements come together is carefully sized so 5 1/8" pieces will fit. If you wanted to use 1/16", the crossing point would have to be adjusted for the smaller size and the material that gets burned away (kerf).

If you do want to make different sized versions in 1/8" material, you can use the dimensions of the crossing point (it’s what works) and draw new body and legs around it in a vector program or online design program. That will take some software know-how.

My apologies if this was over-simplified or I told you something you already know.


I’ve just gotten new siding and fresh paint on the house. Time to decorate for halloween!


Very believable. I have had several people drop this when they realized it was real.
Warning: Large spider inside.

disclaimer - a spider was murdered with extreme prejudice for this art.

Happy Halloween.


The only ones I’ve had trouble with are the wolf spiders because they are SO big and tend to jump right at you. Kids were in awe at summer camp because I was always picking up spiders.


Me too! (shudder)

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I take it you never saw the movie Arachnophobia? My wife and I were watching it on VHS, one scene scared me so badly I jumped and accidentally smacked my wife in the side of the head (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).


That totally makes sense, thank you so much!


I hate wolf spiders! We used to get them all the time when we lived in Calif. I was horrible and made our young son come kill 6 that were in the bathroom because my husband wasn’t home and I needed to get ready for work. He was scared, but he did it. I gave him a nice reward for doing it. I did learn that it’s easy to kill black widow spiders with aerosol hairspray. But the hairspray doesn’t work on brown recluses - it only disables them for a few minutes and then they start moving around again. But that few minutes is enough for me to get something big to smack and kill them. Makes me shudder just thinking about spiders. Now I’m all hunched up and looking around!!