Catalog Designs in GFUI

I don’t want to open a support ticket, so I’m posting here…

It used to be that when you opened a design from the catalog, it made an entry for that item in your list of projects in the GFUI. It doesn’t seem to do that any more.

Has anyone else noticed this? I’m vaguely disgruntled by it, but having a hard time figuring out if there’s any good reason for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you go to the catalog and open the same design again, it does seem to place it where you had it the last time (as far as I can tell), so maybe it’s not a big deal, other than that you have to go hunt it down in the catalog every time, rather than just being able to grab it from your list of projects.

Assuming your screen of projects is large and you already have to scroll to older ones. (Only mentioning this first as some have had issues with getting the page to expand to show projects as they add new ones)

Wonder about a maximum project size capacity?

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It is, but new projects get added at the top. I really want it to add the project to my list. I still don’t know why. Need for control? Some kind of sense of security? Definitely the convenience of not having to go to another URL and find it in the catalog every time I want to print it. Especially when they start actually adding stuff to the catalog.

@Jules, do you know what’s up with this?

Don’t know. I don’t use the catalog projects very often, so it’s not something I’ve seen.

I did recently run the metric Gift of Good Measure a few times with some testing, but I think it went back where it was supposed to after I was done. That was several days ago though. I definitely didn’t need to go to the catalog to fetch it.

Yeah, my previous catalog stuff is in my list, still. But when I want to use the Waves design I have to go fetch it from the catalog every time.

Huh! That’s odd. I guess I’ll have to test it.

No, I was able to open it twice in succession without cutting it (haven’t fired Sass up for the day yet.)

I’ve purchased a number of designs and just checked – they all still show up directly in the app “dashboard,” including Waves.

Did it make an entry on your dashboard, or did you have to get it from the catalog the second time?

Well, it went back to the original entry on the dashboard. Which was kind of buried down at the bottom of the list.

Ah. I’m not getting my point across very well. Comes of trying to communicate after I’ve been at work all day and used up all my words. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The patterns I’ve opened from the catalog in the past are still in my dashboard. But something has apparently changed, so that now when I open one that I haven’t used before, it doesn’t get added to my dashboard.

So, a couple of months ago when I opened the feather earrings pattern, an entry was made for it on my dashboard, so whenever I want to print a new set of feather earrings, I go to my dashboard and open it. Same for the other designs I’ve used from the catalog before.


A couple of days ago I opened the Waves pattern for the first time. I printed it, and I loved it. So later on I decided to print it again. I went to my dashboard to open it, and it wasn’t there. The last thing shown was the thing I had printed before I printed Waves.

To print Waves, I have to go to the catalog, scroll down until I find it, and open it from there. Because it never gets added to my dashboard. Right now it’s a minor inconvenience. But I’m optimistic that some day there will be hundreds of things in the catalog. And when that happens, if our catalog purchases don’t get put in our dashboards, it’s going to be a lot more work to go and find them when we want to use them again…

Did that make my issue make more sense, yet? Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just happening to me?

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Ahhh! After you CUT them they disappear. That makes a lot more sense…they might be trying to implement the single use coding for files that eventually people will be paying for.

I know we get unlimited use on the freebies that they have given us, but they might need to hardcode them differently, and they probably haven’t gotten to that yet.

The change might be on their end.

Well, no, not quite…they never appear (in the dashboard) at all. Period.

Have you ever printed Waves? If so, is it in your dashboard? If not, try opening it, and see if it gets an entry or not?

If it was the single-use thing, it would seem kind of klutzy from a programming standpoint, since the system is set up to allow multiple uses of files. It seems like it would almost be MORE work to code for a different use case for free designs. Simpler to make them purchase price zero multiple use files, I would think, and treat them like any of the other designs, code-wise.

Maybe it’s a bug…maybe I should open a support ticket. It just seems kind of trivial right now, while they’re getting bombarded with big, important stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not sure what you mean by “it gets an entry”? Can you maybe do a screen capture? (I just don’t do much with the catalog stuff so i haven’t seen it.)

It appears in the Dashboard, but I have to scroll down to find it under the Show More option at the bottom of the page. I can open it, and close it and it goes back to where it was. I guess if I cut it it would move to the most recent cut project at the front, which is what it’s currently designed to do.

I’ll test it with a smaller freebie…I don’t have time to cut the whole waves file.

Okay, just cut the multi-shape keychain file - it went back to the bottom where i originally found it.

It might just be a bug with that file.

A screen capture of Waves not appearing in my dashboard? Sure…

You don’t have to actually cut the file. Just open it. Then go back to your dashboard. I’ve never cut the Snap and Store box, but I opened it, and it got placed in my dashboard, as you can see. That’s what I would expect to happen when I opened Waves, too.

ROFL! Yeah, just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same list. :smile:

It doesn’t show when you click the Show More button and scroll down either?

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Aha! The light dawns. (I have coffee. It’s helping!) The free designs are already in my dashboard, ‘way down at the bottom where I never see them. THAT’S why there’s not a new entry for Waves. Duh! :crazy_face:


:smile: Great! Now I’ve got to go get mine! I’m caffeine-deficient!

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That robot arm though…

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