Catalog is too large to browse

I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a push to add tags (or at least subcategories) to the catalog to enhance browsing and searching. It seems like it would be to everybody’s benefit, including Glowforge Co., sellers, and buyers.

As it is, it’s frustrating to try to browse it, and it puts me off wanting to contribute to it, if my designs are just going to get buried in the middle of a huge pile. (Imagine going to a department store and seeing all the merchandise in each department randomly heaped into a pile 10 feet high!)

Just in the Art and Decor category, I see lots of things that would be really usefully tagged, such as:

  • Wall art
  • Lanterns
  • Coasters
  • Religious
  • Garden
  • Baby
  • Personalized
  • Pets

and that’s with just 30 seconds of thought.


Completely understand and hear your feedback! I have been passing along suggestions from the community to the team in regards to a better search within the catalog, so you and everyone else can find designs easier.


I absolutely agree with you, and they also need to have a section just for a leather projects.


yes please.


For many years the complaint was that there were not enough catalog designs. Now, the opposite. I agree that a better sorting method would be helpful.


I agree that some easier sorting would be nice but by material shouldn’t be a category- there already a ‘filter by material’ button.


They’re clearly already using tags, but I see your point.

Honestly I use the search box more often than the tags! Eg.


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