Catalog overload

Anyone else having a hard time keeping up with the overwhelming number of new designs being added to the catalog?

Can’t tell if you’re being snarky or if they really are upping the designs. I never go to the catalog.


sorry, my snarky level overflowed. I was just remembering how a couple of years ago everyone was so excited about this magical design catalog. They ought to just officially junk the concept and make everything in it a free file. I can’t imagine anyone actually buying any of the GF designs when there are so many other designs available elsewhere.

I still have $50 of catalog credit just sitting there… waiting for something to seem worth cutting even for free.


So this is sarcasm then…? I went to check the catalog and there are like 40ish items there. I still can figure out the tone of this post :rofl:

Also, why is the catalog so slow

You could make the boombox in bamboo and have a bamboombox?


Its still only available in the US which sucks for us international folk even IF they do start adding designs

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