Catalog Wall Mounted Headphone Stand

As a gift for my roommate I downloaded the Wall Mounted Headphone Stand from the catalog. It doesn’t list a creator so I’m guessing it’s made my a staff member :slight_smile:

It was an easy design, and I was able to use some scrap mahogany for the two front pieces - which looks lovely!

I noticed that all the score lines are duplicated - they go first and I noticed it double cutting. I’m guessing so you get a darker line - though running that one as defocused might also give you a nice dark look without cutting further into the wood!

It’s glued together with wood glue - though except for the living hinge across the top everything is tight enough I probably could have left it as a press-fit. Everything is finished with tung oil.

I just made it again, but this time out of koa I got from @amandarogers808. This wood is dreamy


In my experience, it only happens for engraves. Cuts and scores don’t negate.


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