Catan Board Materials


Oh wow. That’s fascinating and quite inspiring! Thank you for the link!

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Looks like Catan tiles are ~3-1/8" side-to-side and ~3-5/8" point-to-point. So, if you were to leave an eighth of an inch around the whole thing, and wanted to cut a tile out of a rectangular piece of wood, you’d need to start with a rectangle that’s 3-3/8 x 3-7/8".

I just bought some of those “project boards” as well (same brand) and they were listed as being two square feet in area. I didn’t measure them, but I’m guessing that they’re 24" long and the widths of the two boards combined is 12". The two boards weren’t always the same width.

If you lucked out and got a set of project boards where one was 4" wide and the other was 8" wide, you could make 6 tiles out of the narrow one and 12 tiles out of the wide one. That would be 18 of the required 19 tiles.

At the place I bought the boards, Exotic Woods in Albuquerque, they were $22.50 each for 1/8" thickness. So, by starting with rectangles 1/4" larger than the tiles themselves, and by calculating fractions of the total cost, you could make 19 tiles for $23.75 in a perfect world. This is without the ports/water pieces.

I doubt there are many 4" and 8" sets out there, so this isn’t entirely realistic. With nesting you could be more efficient and possibly get something like 11 tiles out of a 7" wide by 24" piece. $31 seems realistic, as long as you’re willing to take a fraction of the total cost.


they have soooo many good pieces in the store and on ebay at 3" width. if only they had that same supply in 4" or greater.


Nice breakdown Hirudin!

Isn’t the Catan board in HQ multiple types of wood, to give each resource a unique color? That would mess with the packing and cost efficiency (well, for one-off production at least)

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If you have one of these, then it’s practically free:



Meanwhile I’m still here wondering how many more times does poor Bailey have to cut that board!!!:confused:

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