Catan Board Materials

Looking on the glowforge homepage, it states it cost them $31 to make the catan board with all of those exotic woods. Does anyone know where they got them from for that cost?


My, admittedly uneducated, guess would be that’s the cost using the Proofgrade materials? Again, just a speculation.

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Is there a Woodcraft store near you?
Pricey but they sell small quantities.
The one near me often has deals on random assortments of hardwoods.


There is! I actually went there today, which is part of why I made this post lol!

Luckily I happened to show up on a day where they were having a sale, so I got 20% off, still cost me quite a bit more than $30 though.

Woodcraft is pretty awesome. I could spend hours in there. So many tools and a great selection of exotic woods. They had a lot of other smaller craft woods, but they were all 3" in width, so it wouldnt work for a catan board.


Those are project boards. Those always cost a lot more.

I would guess the $31 was achieved by using scrap wood wherever possible. Find the right flooring or furniture store and they will have a large supply of what they consider scrap material that is still big enough to be used for quite a bit of nice work (but they wouldn’t gain enough by taking the time to sell it to compare with their income by focusing on the actual flooring/furniture work. This is why it needs to be a larger business, because a small business would be looking to sell scrap to bring in additional income)

Project boards are finished and planed and sized down to common sizes. All of that processing is what they charge you quite a markup for. It is work one can easily do for themselves, if they have the tools and/or experience. Buying larger lumber and planing/sanding/finishing/sizing for yourself saves quite a bit of money in the end.

They could also have based the cost on the fractional amount of material used from a larger purchase.


Those prices went up before proofgrade came along, so they are probably some sort of “raw materials” price


It looks like theyre using almost the same exact thing as I am, some still have the barcodes on em, and the yellowheart is about as warped as the ones I decided not to buy haha


Very cool.
Is that Bailey making some Catan tiles?

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That is @bailey!

I believe those were from Rockler, but when I put together the pricing estimates, I used prices I found online - I want to say from ebay? - assuming it was cut from a square 1" bigger than the tile.

This was well before Proofgrade.

Question from daughter: ‘why does bailey need to cut that board so many times?’


Thanks for the clarification!

That’s adorable.


Well it sounds like ill have to check ebay then! Thanks!
Did you guys cut them on 1/8 thick?


To bad that she was not using a GlowForge to make these! :innocent:

I could be mistaken but I thought that it was. :slight_smile:

Watch the video she is using some other machine.
No biggie just saying…

Oh, I see what you’re saying. Haha. At one point I believe Dan said all products shown in the original promo video that they made (including the Catan board) was done in a Glowforge. And if I remember correctly the original Catan board was hand drawn on the material itself and then etched over the drawings in the Glowforge. I’ll see if I can find where I heard that. :slight_smile:

Im sure theyve made a number of these sets. I would have wanted one if I worked there lol

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Okay, this is where he says it was hand-drawn. :slight_smile: But I’m not sure where he said that they were all made in the Glowforge.

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She hand drew on paper, then they prob duplicated multiple times. Probably had to scale it down a bit too, those tiles look huge unless she just has really tiny hands


Woah, I stand corrected. May I ask where you got these? :slight_smile:


someone posted a link to the imgur post from dean putney in another thread; has the whole process in gifs, pretty awesome: