Catan Card Holder

Hey everyone! I have missed it here! We have been playing Catan A LOT over break and I finally decided to make a proper card holder. I am also working on my Fusion360 parametric skills so I drew it so the material thickness could be changed. It works up to .25" then start to have some interference issues. The attached SVG is for 1/8" material. It will have to be glued together.
It can stand upright or you can lay it down too!

Happy holidays!

Catan Card Holder_125
Catan Card holder 3 (760.5 KB)


You magnificent #@^&@. I need something just like this and have been putting off designing it! Thanks!


Wow. Thank you so much!


Kind of you, thanks!


Amazingly well thought out complex design. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for sharing.

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Playing around in Fusion a little more this morning I decided to try an assembly guide.

Holder Assembly.avi (7.3 MB)


Hi! Thanks so much for creating this! I tried to download it, but it comes out in a format that can’t be opened by Illustrator. Help!

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The .zip contains a Fusion360 file. The .svg is immediately above it, you need to download and open that.



Oh my gosh, so basic, I can’t believe I needed help with that!! Ugh, quarantine has got me all upside down I guess. Thank you so much! Cutting this today for our nightly dinner Catan game with the kids!

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This is great! Thank you.

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Super! Thank you for sharing. Trying to get in-laws into this so I have an excuse to make it. :wink:

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lovely idea! Does it fit in the standard catan box?