Catan Card Holder

Hey everyone! I have missed it here! We have been playing Catan A LOT over break and I finally decided to make a proper card holder. I am also working on my Fusion360 parametric skills so I drew it so the material thickness could be changed. It works up to .25" then start to have some interference issues. The attached SVG is for 1/8" material. It will have to be glued together.
It can stand upright or you can lay it down too!

Happy holidays!

Catan Card Holder_125
Catan Card holder 3 (760.5 KB)


You magnificent #@^&@. I need something just like this and have been putting off designing it! Thanks!


Wow. Thank you so much!


Kind of you, thanks!


Amazingly well thought out complex design. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for sharing.

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Playing around in Fusion a little more this morning I decided to try an assembly guide.

Holder Assembly.avi (7.3 MB)


Hi! Thanks so much for creating this! I tried to download it, but it comes out in a format that can’t be opened by Illustrator. Help!

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The .zip contains a Fusion360 file. The .svg is immediately above it, you need to download and open that.



Oh my gosh, so basic, I can’t believe I needed help with that!! Ugh, quarantine has got me all upside down I guess. Thank you so much! Cutting this today for our nightly dinner Catan game with the kids!

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This is great! Thank you.

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Super! Thank you for sharing. Trying to get in-laws into this so I have an excuse to make it. :wink:


lovely idea! Does it fit in the standard catan box?

Thanks, Yes if you pull out the plastic frat that is in there, which is what we did, then all the cards just stay in it