Catan Pieces Measurement Request

Hey Everyone, I’m hoping that someone can assist me, either with actual measurements or with a link where I can get them.

As many know, I’m in the process of making a Settlers of Catan game, with ALL the expansions, for an awesome Christmas gift (that I have to complete by Thanksgiving).

However, I don’t own all the expansions myself (my parents do, who I am giving this set to) and I am lacking in the ability to physically measure some of the pieces. Does someone have access to some of the expansions and would be willing to measure (with calipers) the dimensions for the following pieces:

  • Wall Token (current assumption is 1" Wide x 1" Long x .2" Thick)
  • Knight Token (assuming .75" Diameter x .3" Thick)
  • Ship Pieces
  • Barbarian
  • Metropolis Piece
  • Merchant

I will hopefully create an Inkscape version of these pieces that I can then cut. I’m thinking that I’ll be cutting these out of 6 different woods of different colors. (I will definitely be doing that salt trick that @jbmanning5 posted about earlier)


Pretty much everything about Settlers of Catan is at . You can probably get good measurements from all the model files.


Plus of course. :slight_smile: