Catan tile etched in stone tile

First attempt I was curious if it could be done. I out some stain on the engraved parts and lightly sanded the top layers


Ooh! Are you going to do a whole Catan board? That could look pretty spectacular!


I’ll probably give it a shot. I have to figure out the center number because I cannot cut out the center. I have some ideas though

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or could you (just not on the GF)


i mean, come on, you could be THIS GUY!!!


interesting - thanks

This was my idea to laser out a depression to put a small round counter in so it would not slide. It won’t be flush but i actually think it make look nice raised a bit


How long did this take? Great detail!

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That is absolutely beautiful!!

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about an hour to etch

Fabulous … Would be an impressive set.

Very nice! Can you share more details on the tile?

That’s gorgeous!

I was thinking the same thing. Or even mixed media if you could get the heights correct. Different styles of stone and wood for rock, brick, wood, wheat.

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First off - AWESOME. 2nd off - what kind of tile is that? Looks like a sandstone or limestone?

it was tile from a sheet of tiles i found at home depot - i think its ceramic

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