Catan Tiles & Storage box

This has been a work in progress that has taken longer than expected primarily due to life :slight_smile:
Took me a little while to get the hang of fusion 360 to design the box and the foam inserts, but got that done nicely parametric. The catan tiles were done from the glowforge specs, but painted before lasered.

Fusion 360 model (no Lid, no front panel)

Top view of the box (the lid has about a 1" lip that goes around it

Box open showing the pieces and the foam cut out. The foam is EVA Foam, 6mm thick.

And now the tiles all setup. One thing that is incorrect in the pdf that I had was that the ship tiles are 2:1 resources on the β€œany”, but they really are 3:1 in the regular game. Need to update and re-cut some of the pieces. The shine you see on some of the tiles are a polyurethane coating I put on them, but the application was not completely uniform.

All tiles were painted, taped, and then cut, with the exception of the brick that was spray painted black prior to tape removal to give the red a bit more depth. The setup shown is the beginners map. It was done on 1/8" plywood - non proofgrade.

Took a while, but its well worth it!


It’s so satisfying, playing on tiles you made yourself! :slight_smile:


Great work !


Very nice job on the insert design!


They look marvelous … And love your insert.