Catching Butterflies Desktop Version

I worked on this variation of this centerpiece to make this for my wife.

IMG_1209 IMG_1207

I only make things for family and friends and never for sale or profit. I consider this community as friends. That is why I post my files here. I give permission for their use in any way and if by some way you can make a profit I am happy for you. Here is the zip file.

Desktop Catching (4.4 MB)


It’s really pretty.

Very pretty design. Thank you so much for sharing! Very generous of you. I love this community :slight_smile:

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It’s lovely! And so generous of you to share—thanks!

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Lovely work … And so very kind of you to share.

There is so much energy and movement in this project. So many visual cues and engagements. Just super use of material, color, space, and layout! Great share.

This is beautiful and original - I love it!

My mom is an entomologist and used to take me butterfly hunting when I was little. I was looking for something cute and butterfly related to make (it’s a running theme since my mom is the type to buys everything she already wants). Thank you!!

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