Category suggestion. Adding a Classified section to the forum

For the exception of a few loose cannons this forum is an outstanding community. I was thinking that it really needed a classified section. I would much rather sell related items or even give them away to fellow forgers.

An example would be like awhile back we have to order some buttons/snaps in bulk that we would never be able to use in a life time so we ended up selling them locally but would have been glad to have seen someone on here use them.

It would be confined to maker related items or services.

We do not own a 3D printer. I would like to see those that have them and have the time to sell there service or related items.

It would also be the place for those giving up and selling there Glowforge to post it with the serial number. It would be a safer way for the buyer to be able to message support to check #.

Any way for support to maybe look at something like this?


So support only reads posts like this reliably if you post them in problems and support. I know this isn’t a problem and you don’t need support, but that’s the recommendation as to where to post suggestions.

Also, just moving this thread isn’t going to work, apparently tickets get created only when you make a new post in P&S. So, you’ll probably need to copy and paste this to a new post in P&S (and maybe delete this one?)

As for your idea… not bad… I don’t know that I have a direct need for it, but I can see how some people might want it. You never know until you post it.


I like this idea. I wonder if there’s a concern about GF being held accountable for sales that go wrong. Not necessarily legally, but people complaining to them about it.


I could see that. As with ebay, Craigslist, Let go, Offer up, Next Door ect. You buy at your own risk. This is why I thought that for this community it might work out pretty good.


I’m sure they get plenty of complaints, but that’s their line of business. Anyway, I was just musing “out loud.”

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I think that’s a great idea! If GF can offer a BTM section with no liability, I’d think a classified one could work too.


Great idea.

Yeah, I didn’t mean liability so much as a bunch of people complaining that someone has to deal with. :slight_smile:


Oh gotcha. Yep, someone would find reason to complain for sure. “I bought something on the forum classifieds and the seller won’t refund my money. GF is responsible and should give me a store credit!” :sob:



Hi, I don’t know if you would still be interested but I have 3D printers and would be interested in chatting with you about what you would be looking for service wise or printed items?

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