Caution: Dirty Pictures....or...How I Cleaned the Exhaust Fan 🤔

While looking into my own unit, I’ve noticed there is no heat sink! Is this something that’s changed in later models, or is my unit not quite right?

The heatsink is only in the Pro version.


Love the pass through. and extra power and cooling but I do wish they had put the heatsink nearer the intake than the exhaust.

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So I bought the pro and have used it for about a month. I only used it with the fan on for one cut, though, as I also invested in the $1000 filter. But after finding out the cost of replacement filters for that thing, I invested the same amount in a 6" inline fan and will be venting it out the window. Since I only have really ever run this thing with the “Air Filter Attached” mode, how often do I need to do this. Because, seriously, where I have it, this might be easier than taking it outside. But if I am not really “using” that fan, does it matter?

Yes. The fan is still in the airflow, and the airborne debris will accumulate on it.

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I used their recommended way with the idea that I could suck the fumes out as moving it outside is not possible. There were still a lot of fumes but worse the stuff dissolved all the gunk and then evaporated leaving a sheet of plastic around the bottom of the fan, encasing it like ice on a pond. destroying the fan trying to remove that and had to send it back to the Mothership.