CE Certification

@dan Has Glowforge got CE Certification for Europe yet? If not, when?

I ordered my GF in the first couple of days , and despite what you said last year, my estimated ‘shipping’ date has now moved to March 6th.

Can you guarantee this? If you cannot do this right now, then I am cancelling. This has gone on far too long and I have had enough.


Interestingly i have just been watching some old episodes of ‘Yes, Prime Minister’

I get the feeling Sir Humphrey Appleby is in charge of the Certification


You know: America first!
I’m waiting too, for a shipment to Europe and the time they need still grows ;-(

I’m sorry @Ian - I’m afraid I can’t make any guarantees. I’d be very sad to lose you as a customer, but while our current forecast is our best possible estimate, it is possible it will change.

Regarding CE, we’re not publishing our compliance, production, and logistics details.

as a non english native speaker i googled for sir humphrey appleby and i found this video. i had to watch it twice in order to understand it and than suddenly i remembered that i read something like “international coming soon” long time ago… and i got the video


Ok. Well i will cancel today.

Good luck Ian!


If I would have known how long it takes, I’ve never ever ordered.
It’s quite annoying that it needs that much time for a shipment to Europe, and it’s really expensive!
But you know, theres a saying in our country: Every country gets the government which its rightful. And they mean: America first…