Ceiling Acoustical Tile



Is something similar to this a job for a laser?

This MSDS sheet says:

Combustion: Upon decomposition, this product emits carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and/or low molecular weight hydrocarbons.


As long as you can find matching white touch up paint (when I was still a commercial carpenter, I used the liquid shoe polish - with the sponge on the end of the bottle), that would make a very unique accent.

Stars, clouds and other air borne creatures also.


This might be naive, but maybe you can create a wooden stamp and press the form into the panels?


If it’s like the ones I and my friends used to poke holes in when I was a kid… (BTW, this is yet another case where even semi-3D would be incredibly useful, because stamps like that really ought to be chamfered. @dan another item for the hopper would be an auto-chamfer for depth engraves, because I’m not sure how you’d do that gradient in a design program.)


How would you lift the GF up to the ceiling ? :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion - will put it in the hopper!

I do it with gradient strokes on the shapes in illustrator FWIW.