Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2017

For International Women in Engineering Day I wanted to share this photograph of my colleagues helping to build and test the Orion MPCV at KSC. It’s a shame that not all of the engineers on our team were available for this photo.

I suggested that they make a photograph to help promote STEM careers for young women and they took the idea and made it better. They do that to me all the time.


When we went with my girlfriend to KSC, we left the center feeling us like monkeys. Gosh they’re so smart!


I have no doubt every one of them is smarter than me. :slight_smile:


I know for a fact my engineer daughter is smarter than me…just a bit…lmao…

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This is fantastic–nothing like representation to change how people see their own possibilities in life. :heart_eyes:


Yup, that was the intent. They wanted to show girls and young women (and anybody for that matter) that is OK to aspire to STEM careers. They did it and you can too.

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I put this photo on Twitter and I knew there would probably be some trolls. There was the one that went straight for objectification, another that took credit for making it possible for women succeed in STEM, and then there were the more insidious few.

They are the types that complain because there aren’t “special” days for men, that there is no need to help promote STEM for women because if they want it they’ll go for it anyway. They rubbed me wrong with the assumption that there isn’t male privilege and a great degree of bias that still has to be overcome by women every day. These were the only folks I engaged with until they left, hopefully frustrated. :slight_smile:

By the numbers though the trolls were statistically insignificant


Insignificant in other ways as well :grinning: