Celestial map



Last night at Laser Thursday, I etched out a celestial map I found here. It turned out pretty good! Only problem is that we were using our old off-the-shelf laser tubes and they didn’t have the oomph to cut through the hardwood (hence the burn marks).

And here’s a picture @dan took of me!


The burn marks add character. Very awesome!


I love it! I think I’ll be looking forward to Friday mornings a lot more moving forward! As long as you all keep on sharing the cool stuff you make on #laserthursdays!



I apologize for saying someone and art is beautiful, won’t happen again.


Have y’all been holding out on us? That board looks to have 2x USB, Ethernet, HDMI and maybe a USB C or mini display port?


We’re using those for internal development, I wouldn’t count on them making it into the final version :grimacing:


Very cool, I have that exact same image in my “inspirations” folder and am using that theme for a future playing card project. Maybe some Glowforge cut goodies will accompany that project release. :blush: