Cell Phone Stand


I made this the other night, it has adjustable tilt. I like the smoke on the masking, has a nice sepia effect. I eventually peeled it off except for the shield part of the logo, for a bit of extra contrast.
R.L. Hamm


Nice practical use of a living hinge.


Yeah, I like that it’s got adjustable angles. :grinning::+1:


Very cool and unique design!


Very clever.


oh WOH. I worked at Crusin Coffee out at the airport in Bellingham for 2 years ages ago. Grew up there :joy:


:grin: My wife and I live directly above the ceiling of the Theater in BAAY on State St.:grin:


Lovely! I was over by Sunnyland but of course spent a lot of time downtown. I still visit a few times a year :grin:


I had a feeling someone would recognize the coffee stand logo, I stop by the airport stand every morning, I work a stone’s throw away :O)


Thanks, I saw a pic of a similar one and then enhanced it. If anyone wants the svg with or without my logo just ask.


Fun use of the living hinge!


Very clever! Love the design and yes the SVG would be nice :sunglasses: plain.


Here you go, slots are for .128" thick draftboard.
-=(RLH)=- CellPhoneStand-2piece-for-GF-forum


Very nice! Thanks for sharing the file. :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem, before I make another one, I’m going to stretch it wider by at least half inch to make it more stable. hint hint