Celtic Knotwork Bracelet

Hi everyone!

I made a video about making leather bracelets with a pattern inspired by celtic knotwork. This is based on @tobyschachman’s work on generating Celtic Knotwork designs.

We wanted to make a physical object that included some kind of generative design and this seemed like a good start, check out the video here:

The video also includes a quick tutorial on installing snap fasteners, how to measure your wrist, and some comparisons between faux lasearable leathers from Johnson Plastics and Houston Acrylics. I hope those are useful even if you are not interested in making this exact project.

We are releasing both a Basic Bracelet Template that you can use as a blank canvas to add your own designs, and the Celtic Knotwork Version (which is free to use for 2 weeks starting April 10th).

One cool feature of the project is that it uses a “seed” to randomize the pattern. The seed can be any number that you choose and it’s a very simple way to browse different patterns and even make a list of the ones you like and use them later.

Go give it a try!





that seed driven pattern generator could come in handy in so many other projects.


Yes! I’ve been considering a version for earrings too.


bookmarked :slight_smile: Kool