Centering, Focusing, Never Working

This topic seems to come up here semi frequently and I am not happy to throw my hat into this ring. However this has been a persistent issue now that is coming to a head today as I have spent the last few hours trying unsuccessfully to use my Glowforge.

Over the past few months there have been days where I had to waste a fair amount of time fiddling with the GF because on startup it would be stuck in one of various modes and never proceeded to ready to print. In these cases beyond the frustration of wasted time the GF did finally startup and actually work again.

Today I haven’t been so lucky. I’ve run through the oft brought up troubleshooting steps of taking things out, cleaning things, resetting everything multiple times. It has resulted in several different states of inactivity or the forge moving to the center of the bed and staying put. With sales and deadlines on the horizon of the longest period of non-functionality thus far and me running out of things to try I am turning here to express some frustration seeing this is a problem for multiple people and what seems to be no certain cause or solution.

Currently, every time I try to turn it on it stirs up, starts focusing for a short period of time and then says centering with no movement. Earlier today the arm would travel to the actual center of the machine and say centering with no movement or activity indefinitely. So is this progress or going backwards at this point?

I’ve seen plentiful topics and suggestions on what to try to troubleshoot this and nothing is working today, so could I ask for some divine intervention here?

You might try This.
If you have flawless operation that way, it would suggest your WiFi may be the issue.

In your report here, it would help support if you could give the date, time of the incedent and time zone so they can zero in on the machine logs.
Good luck.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.