Cerambot: Ceramic 3D printer

Looks kinda cool. and only a $130 risk for a kickstarter.

I have been following a group of people working on this technology and I would not touch this printer with a 40 foot pole. The challenges that come with ceramic printing are multitude. I suspect that this company has stolen the idea or design for their extruder from someone who spent the time and money to develop the technology, or they don’t know that it will work.
I made the poor decision to back a 3D printer at this price point several years ago. It was a joke. You simply cannot do what they are attempting to do at that price with any quality.

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Not to mention that you really need to have a kiln to fire the ceramic so you can handle it without the item crumbling/breaking…

It’s not entirely clear what they’re offering until you read carefully. You have your choice of either air-powered extruder (which has been around for years, known to be mediocre at best), syringe-powered (the more expensive option, possibly good, possibly garbage depending on details) or a complete delta printer with one or the other extruder built in. If you do the math they’re selling the printer at a suspiciously low price, especially considering that delta printers typically rely on a very low-mass printhead, and this is going to be a monster.

And, unless they expected the volume of orders they’re getting, they could have fulfillment issues.

That said, if I didn’t already have a syringe extruder in the works I might go for one of the kits.

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you would be better off buying something else.

that cannot possibly work at that price point.

I have backed the Cerambot. There is a great deal of info about Ceramic printing on the the fantastic Google+ page that I have been following for a while:


Most the designs are based on the work of Jonathan Keep who developed his own delta based 3D ceramic printer, using an air compressor, a few years ago. Have no doubt the quality of ceramic printing that can be achieved with an air compressor based printer can still be amazing:

The advantage of the stepper motor driven ram (rather than air compressor) is the ability to stop/retract the clay.

The Kickstarter offers are very clear, eg US$299 for a printer and pro head. It’s a Kickstarter, so always a risk, but hopefully they deliver :grinning::thumbsup:


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