Ceramic Drink Coaster

Made this for another of my escape rooms, “Volcano Joe’s Secret Tiki Room,” as a merchandise item. The tiles are 4 1/4" squares from Habitat for Humanity and were 25¢ piece. Not bad. I used a Gold metallic Sharpie® pen to fill in the etched areas on the one on the right, and then wiped off the excess - which was easy. I’m thrilled with the result. Takes about 15 minutes each, if memory serves, on draft etching. Doesn’t need to be hi-res since the “resolution” of the ceramics won’t make it any better. Line art done in Illustrator.


Fun! Looks great in the Gold metallic Sharpie also!

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the tile looks great, love the design.

$1/ea seems a little steep for 4.25" square tiles.


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You know- you’re right. I looked at the price tag still on the back and forgot they were 4-for-a-dollar. So 25¢ each. Sorry. :slight_smile:


We got ours at Home depot, they were on sale got 100 for like $10.
Had to go to a specialty store for black tile. 100 Black tiles were $24 .

Looks great! Yeah, I would look at one of your local big box stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot, ect) My local store has the 4.25" tiles for $0.16 each, and I’ve been making sets like crazy lately


Next time I’m in Los Angeles we will have to stop by for an escape experience.

Alas, my room in L.A. isn’t open currently. My Houston rooms are though, at escaperoomtreasurehunt.com