Ceramic Stoneware Dish

I had a friend ask me if I could engrave a Ceramic Stoneware casserole dish like she saw on Etsy…I was intrigued but I’m having a hard time finding answers on if and how this is done. From what I can find some say you can eat from it, others say no. MY main question is, what are the settings I might want to start with?

Thank you

To a point ceramic is ceramic, so searching for ceramic settings will find you plenty of results:


The bigger problem with dishes is usually their depth. If your dish is deeper than 0.5” it isn’t easily doable because of the focus depth.

There are tricks to pull it off for deeper dishes, but I won’t get into them here unless you provide a bit more detail about your dish and intent specifics.

As for food safety, generally I wouldn’t eat from anything that’s been lasered. There’s just not much upside to it. I tend to think of things like engraved cutting boards as decorations instead of functional pieces.


The smooth ceramic coating in a dish makes it easy to clean. If you engrave on it and then keep cooking in it, the rough surface will probably be hard to keep clean, even if it is food-safe. I wouldn’t do it.