Ceramic Tile Etched and Paint Filled

Made this ceramic tile and paint filled it gold. Thought it came out nice.! Still trying to establish my setting s on a lot of non proof grade materials.20190901_153934|375x500


Oh that did come out nicely. What kind of paint?


Thanks a lot, Acrylic Paint

What a nice engrave and paint job.

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Thank you!

Soooo elegant! I’ve got about fifty different kinds of gold paint; must try this.


WOW! That’s amazing! Well done!



Quite nice. :sunglasses:

Looks great. Did you apply the paint with a brush to the entire tile and then wipe off the paint from the white area?

After you etched, have you tried cutting the tile???

Yeah I just smeared it in with my finger then wiped it off.

No I didn’t try cutting the tile yet. I did another tile that was just single line cuts instead of an etch and paint filled that as well. It looked cool as well.

If you would like to try the settings I use:
If you have a Glowforge Pro, I have found the .3 for the thickness [assuming you are using the typical white Dal tile from big box hardware stores] 1000 power and 400 speed works really well.


Thanks for you input, I think thats actually the settings a used. It was either 400 speed or 600.

Oh, also 225 or higher for the lines. Just in case you were using a a lower setting. :grin:

Hello!! Gorgeous!!

I’m etching ceramic as well, in bisque form. Are you finding that the laser lens is getting residue from the etching process?

No I guess I haven’t had much of a problem with that. I would think if you did a ton of them you would have to worry about clean up. The gold paint fill did make it super nice . Cheers